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Mystery Thriller Week

super-fanIf you are already a fan of the Mystery Thriller genres, then you are in for a FAN-tastic surprise. Mystery Thriller Week is rolling out eleven fun-filled mysteriously thrilling days just for you! That’s one whole week and then some. We just couldn’t pack all the excitement into seven days. Beginning February 12th and running through February 22nd, 2017, MTW will engage you with online events around the clock 24/7. No matter what continent you hail from or which country you call home, rest assured that MTW plans to delight and thrill you with events, contests, book reviews, interviews, book excerpts, informative criminal and historical columns, book video trailers, blog tours, and live Facebook chat sessions with international best-selling authors. There will be mystery that thrills even the most selective palate.

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Happy Birthday Lisa!




It’s my bestie windmills birthday!! Today our entire relationship is on my mind. We have been friends for 17 years…man does that make me feel old…

I met her when my entire world was flipped. I had just moved from everything I knew. New town, new life, and a very confused me. I met Lisa my first day of school in this new town. We started talking in the first few minutes, and never quit.

This girl was my everything…boys had no impact on me…it was just that beautiful friendship that got me through a lot of my insecurities and sadness.   I showed her that she deserved to be loved and taken care of..I showed her honesty and friendship and family. In return she showed me how to be myself and not be afraid. Showed me how to stand up for myself and respect myself. She taught me that every part of me was beautiful, even my flaws and mental issues (lol) Not going into details about her life..but I felt it my job to take care of her from day one, so to this day it is still my job and I might be just a bit over protective of her..I mean if it wasn’t for her I would still be the scared broken little girl I was when I met her..

We had some of the best times of my entire life together…some good clean teenage fun. Some was a bit immature and bad..but still fun! We helped form each other into who we are today.  As we reached “adulthood” we had separate lives. She had a family to raise and I had hell to raise in Arizona!      We still talked on the phone when we could. When something important happened in our lives the other was the first to know. When something terrible happened…also first one to get a call.

17 years later, and 10 years after the last time we saw each other, bestie has come to stay with me for a while! She is still as perfect as I remember and has done my heart so much good.

Lisa I love you so much and can’t wait for another 17+ years with you!   We shall get into shenanigans when we’re 70!!  Happy birthday!!

First attempt at blog of awesomness!


My name is Casey. I also go by mama Dixie, butterfly, and mommie. I am a housewife and mother, and love every part of it. I have 6 amazing children(two of which I was blessed with by marriage) I also have one grand son. Best part of this? I haven’t even reached my 30th birthday yet!
To some I am very typical and normal…to others I am fun, unique, and interesting. If you decide you would like to read more about my life and thoughts go ahead and follow me!
If for no other reason…this will be something fun to look back on one day! Xoxo